MusicArt Society NEPAL

MusicArt Society is a registered non-profit organization that provides music education to young children with limited financial means.
Through its educational programmes it also inculcates and spreads awareness about various social evils facing the world today.

Awareness such as:
Child Rights & Exploitation
In this regard, it has been providing music education to the children living in various organizations that are catering for the under priviliged children around Kathmandu along with other local children from its community.

Our vision is to nurture a community where children from the underprivileged society turn out to be healthy and honest citizens, able to contribute to the nation by contributing to the society.

Our mission is to provide quality music education to these children, so that, in future, they can depend on their musical skills to eke out their living and also serve the society especially by spreading the consciousness about the risks the young faces.
We do this by: 

   Providing proper music education by following a curriculum.
  Organizing programs so that the children could have a platform to expose their talents and build their confidence and personality.
   Provide the children with proper talk shows and discussion sessions about child related issues.

Our goal is to create the very first Children Orchestra Group in Nepal.


Music is a universal language. It is a form of art and a form of expression loved by all and mastered by some. Music stimulates the growth of brain structures and connects many activated brain areas.

Research reveals that playing a musical instrument can help young people become better students and better citizens.
The scenario of music education is not favourable in Nepal as there is no widely accepted music curriculum or set of national standards for music teaching in the country. Music education for grade schools is not supported by the government, in any practical way and though some of the private schools do offer extra-curricular music, many do not.
Taking the initiative for the first time in Nepal, MusicArt Society, has brought music education to the underprivileged children in various institutions along with other children from its community who cannot afford to pay for music education.
MusicArt Society, a team of enthusiasts, aims to provide the children with quality music education, so that, in future, if nothing else, they can depend on their musical skills to eke out their living.
Learning music for the children usually comes either as a privilege or as extracurricular activities in schools. The kids who who attend institutions for the underprivileged or such centers, however, cannot even imagine getting such facilities. Not only these, but there might be hundreds of those children who want to learn music but are bounded by their social and financial limitations. Hence, the teachers from MusicArt Society, inspired by their interest in learning music, have been giving them training on music without any charges.
Understanding their condition and the situation they are in, MusicArt Society has made an attempt to try and fulfill their musical aspirations, teaching them to play some musical instruments along with providing vocal trainings despite of the place whether it is under a tree or the places they live in.



MusicArt Society NEPAL

MusicArt Societyは認可の非営利団体です。 限られた財政手段で、幼い子供たちに音楽教育を提供し、その教育プログラムを通じ、今日の世界が直面している様々な社会悪についての問題意識を広げます。





MusicArt Societyという愛好家のチームが、将来的には、音楽的素養によって、生活費を稼ぐことが出来るほどの、質の高い音楽教育を持つ子どもを提供することを目指しています。
このように、音楽を学びたいが、その社会的、財政の制約によって制限されている子供たちが何百万人いるかわかりません。そこで、音楽を学ぶことに関心がある子供達に、MusicArt Societyの教師たちは、無料で音楽教育をしてきました。 子供達の状態や、彼らが住んでいる状況を理解し、MusicArt Societyは、木の下やどんな場所でも、楽器や歌のレッスンをし、彼らの音楽的な願望を満たすための試みを行っています。


Director / Sumit POKHREL


He started his music career in 1990 as a music teacher. He is a composer, a song writer and a singer. He had received the best teacher award three times in Nepal. His ambition is to develop Music Education and set up the National Standard Curriculum of Music in Nepal. He is also a member of International Society for Music Education. Besides that, Pokhrel provides free music education to the under privileged and orphan children through which he wants to change the lives of these children for better.

Exective Director /



He is doing his BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). He started learning music when he was in grade 5. His interest in learning guitar introduced him to the world of classical guitar. He is also a composer and singer. Alsoa board member of Nepal Classical Guitar Association, he is working with the under privileged and orphan children by giving them guitar lessons.







Secretary General  / Anisha BHATTARAI


She is pursuing hergraduate degreein Anthropology. She is a writer and has worked as an assistantcontent manager and activity designer for school books. Some of her works were published in leading newspapers and some journals in Nepal. She had also worked as a blog writer and hadcompleted 1000 articles in 6 months for . Moreover, has her own blog site where she writes about different issues related to street children, social issues and many more.

You can visit her blog at 


MusicArt Societyのスミットさんが新聞に取材インタビューされました。


The New School OPEN !

New School OPEN !!!

18 October 2014


We would like to Thank SHINOBU SUGAWARA and YOKO FUJIMORI from the bottom of our heart for their wonderful support to MusicArt Society and its children. Thank you so much "MARIA DUO" for your great JOB!!


My pleasure ,we are veryy happy. Thank you for having us the opotunity to support children! (by Maria Duo)


The Interview




MusicArt Society の創始者Sumit Pokhrel スミット・ポクレル さんにMusicArt Societyを始めたきっかけなどインタビューしました。私は希有な活動に大変感動し、なぜ彼がここ迄献身的に子供達に音楽を与えるのかとても興味がありました。

インタビューアー:菅原しのぶ(MusicArt Soiety JAPAN副会長)




Sumit : 私は15年前、テレビやコマーシャルのポップシンガーでした。ネパールの音楽のために一生懸命尽くしました。私はとても有名でしたが、ただ有名なだけで、生活するのはとても大変でした。


菅原:ああ、だからVoice of Music の歌がこんなに上手なのですね(納得)。


Sumit : 褒めて頂いて光栄です。数枚のポップCD,ビデオをリリースしました。




Sumit :  いえ、それが大変でいつもどうやって生活しようかとそればかり考えていました。当時はネパールの人は、ネパールの歌は歌わずに、インドや英語の歌ばかり歌っていました。だからネパール音楽の市場は悪かったのです。




Sumit :  私は独学です。先生にはついていません。




Sumit : はい、小さい頃から音楽にとても興味があったのですが、習うことが出来ませんでした。私が住んでいた所には音楽院も先生もいませんでした。大きくなって、私は自分自身で音楽の勉強を始め、ほとんどの時間を楽器の習得に当てました。


菅原: なるほど。それで、どのようにしてミュージック・アート・ソサイエティが始まったんですか?


Sumit :  そんな風にしていた頃、当時住んでいた近くのお寺に娘と一緒に行った時に、一人の少年に会いました。その子は12歳で木の下に座ってギターを弾いていたんです。とても上手に弾いていたのですが、基礎が足りないとすぐに分かりました。私はとても興奮して、その子に「音楽の基礎の勉強に興味が有るか」と聞きました。「もし誰かが教えてあげたら君は習ってみたい?」重ねて聞きました。すると「勿論です。おじさん」と答えました。それで「次の週も同じ場所同じ時間にここに来たら教えてあげる」と約束しました。




Sumit : はい、次の週行ってみたら、彼はなんと約束の時間よりもずっと前に来て待ってい私は凄く嬉しくなって、彼(Sajan Shrestha)との勉強が始まりました。数週間が過ぎて、彼のことがだんだんに明らかになって来ました。彼はドラッグ中毒者が沢山住んでいる危険な地域の住人でした。私はそれを知ってとても悲しくなり、また彼がその中毒者の友達の悪い仲間に入らないか心配しました。




Sumit : そうです。彼もまたドラッグをやっていました。本当にひどい環境です。でも、ああ、神様に感謝します。彼はだんだんドラッグをやらなくなって行きました。私はゆっくりと彼にレッスンをし、課題を与えて行きました。彼もまた練習が好きで、悪い仲間から離れて練習しているようになり、ついに、数ヶ月後にはその仲間と縁を切ったのです。彼はいつも私たちと一緒にいてクラシックギターを楽しく学んでいます。そのとき思ったんです。「ああ、私は音楽で一人の少年を救った!」と。今では彼はMusicArt Societyの重要な大使となっています。




Sumit : でもそれは始まりに過ぎません。そのうちに私はたくさんの孤児院の子供達と出会い、その子達にも音楽を教え始めました。そしていつでもその子達の誕生日には私は個人レッスンで貯めたお金で祝ってあげたりしました。それが続いて、私はその子供達の幸せのために一緒に祝ってあげたいと思うようになり、ほとんどの日を一緒に過ごすようになりました。私はこの仕事が大好きです。私の希望は音楽によってこの子達を救い、彼らが明るい未来を手に入れ、幸せで輝いているようにしたいのです。
これが、MusicArt Society の簡単な歴史です。




Sumit : ありがとうございます。そして私こそ、あなたの時間をこのソサイエティに捧げてくれてありがとうと言いたいです。

Mr.Sajan Shrestha
Mr.Sajan Shrestha

I have an interview with Mr. Sumit Phokrel a Director of MusicArt Society NEPAL.


Sugawara: Hello. Why did you start this movement MusicArt Society NEPAL?


Sumit: I was a pop singer 15 years ago and try to do the best in Nepal in musical field and that time I was very popular but even being a popular it was very difficult to survive. 


Sugawara: Wow, that’s why you sing so sexy and wonderful!


Sumit:Thank you for your wonderful comment. I have released some Pop albums and made some videos also.


Sugawara:  Oh you were a rich with this !


Sumit:No, Not really! I was always thinking how to survive... because that time mostly people used to listened Indian and English songs so market of Nepali music was not so good. And I started my career as a part time Music teacher in private schools. 


Sugawara: Where did you study music?

Sumit: I am self taught. I don’t have any teachers in my musical life.

Sugawara: wow you are so talented you can play piano, guitar, drums and sing very well!!

Sumit:yes, I was very interested in music since my child hood but could not get any chance to learn music. At that time we didn’t have any facilities to get music teachers where I lived. When I grew up I started learning by myself and used to spend my maximum time to learn instruments. 

Sugawara: How do you start MusicArt Society?

Sumit:  One day I went to the temple near my place with my daughter and I met a 12 years old boy playing guitar sitting under the tree. And I found him playing guitar in a good way but felt lacking of knowledge of Basics. I was very excited to ask him whether he is interested to learn from the basic or not. Once I asked him “if anybody will teach you a guitar from the very basic, will you like to learn? He replied, “yes uncle!” Then I asked him to come to the same place next week but I wondered whether he will come or not.

Sugawara:  Did he come ?

Sumit: Yes, he came very early as he promised! I become very happy and the journey begins of Sajan Shrestha(boy Name). After few weeks I got to know that the boy used to live in a very dangerous area where many drug addicts used to live, I felt very sad that time and worried about the boy whether he will also join his friends who are drug addicts.

Sugawara: Did he also involved with drug addicts?

Sumit:Yes he involved with the group but thank God he didn’t start taking any. It was really horrible situation. But slowly I started giving him some lessons for practice and he engaged in practicing as he didn’t get any time to meet his addict friends and finally after few months he was totally out of his friend circle. Now he is always with us and enjoying learning classical guitar in MusicArt Society. I realized that “I save one life through music”. Now he is a brand ambassador of MusicArt Society.

Sugawara: Wonderful!

Sumit:But it was just a beginning and I joined many children who live in a orphan homes. I started teaching them music lessons and whenever the special day (birth day) comes Children used to remind me about their birth day and I celebrate their birth day with money which I save from my private lessons and one by one it goes and goes and still I will celebrate their happiness together, where I find heaven and I mostly spent my days with those kids. I love my work and my ambition is to save the children’s life through music education and make their future bright and live their life happy and peace.
This is a Journey of MusicArt Society.
Sugawara: Thank you very much.

Sumit:  Even I would like to thank you for your time and support Music.






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